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Adobe Shockwave Player, a masterpiece plug-in that is widely used today, lets you play all your online games from your browser. You simply install the software, and then restart the browser. After that, you should have access to your favorite online games; the the majority of the time, people do not even notice it working. Most times it operates in the background without drawing too much attention to itself. Similar to Flash, Shockwave is a basic download after you have installed a web browser, because it lets you enjoy your content to the fullest.

The biggest problem with Adobe Shockwave is that when you compare it to other software alternatives, such as Unity, Shockwave uses a lot more resources, and can even slow down your system. Despite these problems, Adobe Shockwave is the platform that software developers have continued to use, so it can be a great addition to have on your system. Unity and Flash may have surpassed this software in some regards, but Adobe Shockwave still provides you with an excellent gaming experience.

The one thing to understand about Adobe Shockwave Player is how it can be a danger to your cyber security. There are vulnerabilities in the software that have caused a host of issues for people. One of the things that you can do to combat this problem is to turn off the automatic opening of Adobe Shockwave. This ensures that you only have it opened when you want it open. In addition, it also guarantees that only your most reputable sites are allowed to use Adobe Shockwave, which cuts down on the problem.

Display your multimedia content for free. This player has been installed on hundreds of millions of computers on an international scale. Not only does it help with games and videos, it also works for presentations, interactive materials, and advertisements. Shockwave will be compatible with most major web browsers. The one aspect to beware of with Adobe Shockwave is that the installation wizard includes an unrelated program. If you are not looking for it, you could accidentally install it. Shockwave does not require other options or settings, but you can see which version you have installed. It is also recommended that you keep the latest version of Shockwave on your computer, because the animations will look better and it reduces the security exploits.

When it comes to a comparison between Flash and Shockwave, the content created will be similar, but Adobe normally creates more intense graphics, which has been focused on 3D gaming and online entertainment. Meanwhile, Flash was more intended for online advertisements, web applications, and animations.


  • Lets You Play Your Games on the Web
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Intended for Gaming so It Does a Better Job at That Than Flash
  • Widespread Use and Popularity with Numerous Platforms


  • Security Exploits and Vulnerabilities
  • Can Slow Down Your Computer
  • Be Wary of Installing Additional Unrelated Programs
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